Friday Morning w/Old Man Questions Thread


‘ATT’s partner’


Wfh today yay

Eating some banana bread for breakfast, not 100% sure it’s totally cooked, oops :grimacing:


GF slept through all her alarms so is now a whirlwind of activity. I’m still in bed though, will stay here for another ten minutes.

Last night staying in my own house tonight. Have to pack all my records and clean my room. Heading to a gig with an ATD and hopefully we won’t get too wrecked.


Surely you got 11111101 ?


Well I overdid somewhat last night, feeling remarkably good considering…:thinking:…probably still drunk.


Morning guys!

Day off today, so of course Jimbo woke up before 6. Zzzzz.

Full English breakfast, and afternoon doughnuts planned for the breaks in the rain.


Wish it would get on with it and just rain properly



Still off work , will mainly be getting my shit together for the Brighton Big Dog MTB race tomorrow. It rained loads yesterday, and more rain today, so this is causing classic tyre anxiety. Think I need to put more knobbly ones on


End of my first week in my new job. Back up home after being in London. Don’t have a charger for my laptop so can’t do anything.

Downloading far cry 5


I don’t know specifically what those tops are referencing, but yes, in American sports, especially the NFL, you refer to a team’s current season by their win-loss record so far, so an 0-2 (pronounced “Oh and two”) team would have lost their first two games. You might refer to a team by what you think their record might be “The Lions feel like an 8-8, 7-9 team this year”). There are 16 regular season games, but including playoffs, a team could win the Super Bowl having gone 19-0, which you may see some hyped up fans predicting before a season, but it has never been done (the New England Patriots won every game only to lose in the Super Bowl -18-1). Two teams have gone 0-16, the Cleveland Browns last year and some other team I don’t remember.

In the unlikely event of a tie, it would be a third number, eg. 7-8-1.


Going to be early to work i.e merely half an hour late


Cheers man, I knew you’d have some context.


Taking what hygge said, 0-2 (“Oh and Two”) is also a baseball count. 0 balls, 2 strikes… which is good for the pitcher (as a third strike will get the batter out).

Dunno though.

(For a “ball”, think a no ball / wide / bye in cricket. If you pitch 4 of those, the batter gets to walk to 1st base for free)

(Go Jays!)


hung o ver :expressionless:


I’ve got a nice dress on today with some skater shoes, do I look like a complete berk?

  • nah
  • yeah

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Sorry said yah as thought you were asking if it was a fit look




Did this reply make Theo not look like a complete berk

  • nah
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Having arrived in the office and looked into it further, this seems to be a reference to some e-sports thing (I think the people in the pic are pro Smash players?)


Going for second bed tea.
Morning DiS