Friday Morning w/Old Man Questions Thread


wait is this a double negative


No it’s not


I corrected!


Fucking hell got far too drunk last night. Off work today to pack. Left myself over half a pizza in the fridge though, good one drunk tunes


Morning AcceptanceIII!


Pretty :heart:


Just put an offer in on a house, haven’t I. Standard.

And now we play hungry hungry hippos the waiting game.


Ha, sorry that’s a great look. I hit the wrong button




Can’t we play hungry hungry hippos at the same time?


Just got masel a pure durty sausage and egg roll :+1:


The old folks are losers.


Set up a play by forum thread and I’ll be all over it.

For my first move, I mash my hippo.

OFFICIAL Hungry Hungry Hippos BattleThread!
Thread for posts that are funnier out of context

ooh id love to see that, haiku salut are the fucking best


It’s this

Fun and educational!


Hi everyone, my extreme cake rage has subsided. I’m not sure whether I should attempt to make a new one or not… :confused: guidance please.


so fucking good. going to see their light show again at the end of the year hopefully. saw them in wrexham a couple of months ago with my pal and dis’ own dom gourlay and dom was telling my pal for ages how good they were and she was like, sure yeah, and then at the end of the gig she was climbing onstage to declare her love for them as they were packing up <3


Give it a couple of days first. The trauma is probably still fresh.


Haha, well it’s today or never. It’s for a thing.


Ah, then I say do it. I believe in you witches!