Friday Morning w/Old Man Questions Thread


Best band! Saw them open Green Man in 2013. Knew then they’d be awesome


The old cake is still standing but I’m a bit scared it’s a claggy mess inside. I made the mistake of putting lemon curd in it when I was sandwiching it yogetger and it made the whole thing collapse and slip and slide. I suspect it may have absorbed in to it too.


Going to a fucking festival like a dickhead today. Boardmasters in Cornwall. All hospitality though, thanks to Mrs HYG, so we’re flying down and have a hotel. Would be quite happy just to stay in the hotel the whole time tbh but I think we’ll have to hang out with the hosts. Still, our first toddler free weekend.


Does sticking a skewer in help tell what’s inside once it’s out of the oven? I know it’s useful when cooking, but I forget about after


Ah, hmm. I don’t think so. Because the cake is cooked, it might just be VERY moist. @imaperv


Lucky bastard, still not had one of those :joy:


I am very tired and really rather cross. I also have a sore finger and the cold I thought I was getting over has rebounded. MEH.


Fairly terrified about how my parents will get on… I know, rationally, that they successfully managed three babies of their own, but that was circa 30 years ago… it all comes back to you though, right?


photos of cake required


Pissing down in Cardiff. I move out of the family home tomorrow so not a pleasant weekend ahead :frowning:


Asked housemate to tidy one floor of our house yesterday as she wasn’t working and our friends’ friend is staying at our house this weekend for their wedding. Got home at half midnight and none of it had been done. F U M I N G.

She’s working til 10 tonight and I’m working until the girl comes over so I’ve had to ask landlord/her bf to clean for us. He’s responded by saying he will do it (yay) but trying to placate me by thanking me again for tidying the house when there were flies… It’s had the opposite effect. Fuck offffff! That was not a one off incident!! We need to have a serious talk about cleaning but she’s barely been in the house!!!

(In a foul mood.)


She sounds like a total dick and abusing the fact that the L/L is her boyfriend.


Awful stuff. Hope you get on as ok as can be expected and get it over with quickly and without too much additional heartache. Will be thinking of you tmw champ. :kissing_heart:


Yep. It’s not malicious but she’s completely thoughtless about this and makes no effort to remember stuff. And tbh it won’t be an issue because when she marries him, he will do all the tidying.

I think I’ve been too nice about it when tackling it before so she doesn’t think it’s an actual problem. She needs to spend less time getting overwrought about idiots commenting BTL on Facebook and spend more time worrying about stuff she can control, aka not decimating our friendship.


thanks, It’s gonna be a tough couple of weeks I think. Adjusting to living alone.


They all used to be in this… chaotic indie pop band called The Deirdres. Imagine Los Campesinos playing at twice the speed but without rehearsing first.

(This isn’t really a criticism - I loved them. Booked them for that festival I ran way back when.)

I was obviously very surprised the first time I saw Haiku, mainly that they could actually play. I told them as such, apparently I was not the first.


I missed the cake hell…


It’s “oh for two”, mate.


Basically, I’m a bit of an over dramatic nightmare. I cried about cake, Theo :scream: a lot. (It wasn’t really about the cake, but th cake didn’t help)


MacArthur’s Park is melting in the dark
All the sweet, green icing flowing down
Someone left the cake out in the rain
I don’t think that I can take it
'Cause it took so long to bake it
And I’ll never have that recipe again
Oh no!