Friday Morning w/Old Man Questions Thread


Was waiting for the bit about hippos right until the end.


Happy Friday all. Went over to Brooklyn yesterday which I think I like more than Manhattan and ate overpriced trendy food and went to a gig in some railway arches. Going on a food tour of Greenwich Village in a bit with some guy called Dante and then going to see the Yankees this evening.


sounds brill :smiley:


Anyone here like Kombucha? Got 9/10ths of a can here if anybody wants it


was really hoping your dress had little pizza slices on for a second there


oh my GOD wouldn’t that be amazing


yes. yes it would.






oh my god that last one


I’d eat that


I’ve got so much work done today because I’ve been avoiding doing my expenses.


Very first one is throwing an error because the hotel vendor isn’t in the list FUCK OFF FUCK OFF FUCK OFF FUCK OFF FUCK O


@Steved I need Concur sympathy, it’s broken me already


Just realised it’s Rihanna in that last photo, wtf?!


Only bloody been invited to a group meeting with the Minister of Culture to discuss equality in the national film industry

Also it’s really fucking windy here today and I’m on my way to day 2 at an outsoors festival


its blatantly shopped


think it *might* be shopped



That’s the tomatoless version.