Friday morning, work is boring

It’s just a restless feeling by my side.

Hello! Wassssssuuuuuuuuupppppppp


1999 that stupid wassup ad.

Feels like it?

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Thought it was mid-90s tbh.

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just happy it got more people to try the delicious beer that is Budweiser

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Yeah, would swear there was people in the playground running around shouting it but… my brain is old and broken :man_shrugging:

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I’m sorry to say that a friend and I went through a phase of answering the phone to one another like that when that ad was on.

32 we were, etc


Morning Friday :sunny: Looks like it’s going to be one of those lovely cold sunny days here in Glasgow so will try to get all my work done ASAP so I can get out in it. Had my first properly spooky misty morning run of the autumn this morning. Going to see Halloween Kills tonight :jack_o_lantern:


Walked past a load of spelling mistakes earlier just strewn across someone’s front garden


Morning all!

Today is the last day of my October holiday so Wor Lass and I are going to Costco. She is far more excited about it than I am but I’ve been promised breakfast so that is nice.

I meant to post this last night but it was very good:

Probably FAO @Scout (because I associate you with Anna Jones pie recipes) and @Gnometorious.

I think I’m making po’boys tonight.


Oh nice. I’m approaching her celeriac pie time of year actually, must distribute some to neighbours this year though as I started to get pie fatigue after a few days of it.

Its very dark this morning.

I am hungover.

I’ve made that pie two or three times since you posted that recipe - I know what you mean about pie fatigue but I also struggle to stop eating it once it’s made…

I’m doing the same thing with this recipe actually: A wee sliver here as I’m walking through the kitchen; another little bit there before I walk to the shops.

I should probably just use maths to reduce the recipe but I’m not sure that’s how it’s supposed to be used.

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I think here should be designated pie weeks where you have to distribute 50% of your pie to neighbours who exchange it for some of their own pie.


occasionally i’ll phone my bro and he’ll answer with a hugely exaggerated and very long winded version of this and then in the back ground i can hear all my wee nephews copying him. To be followed by my sis in law asking him not to do it as its another reason for the boys to go hyper. :slight_smile:


Last day in work before a week off. You might think this might motivate me to power through the boredom to clear my desk. However,

Wassssssuuuuuuuuuppppppp :tongue::tongue::tongue: everyone!!

Fank fuck it’s Friday. Eh.

Gonna get twatted tonight watching tv.

Work sucks I know.

Might nip to Starbucks and get myself I lickle treat

Wasssaaaaaappp Scout, wasssaaaaaappp everyone.

Yes, 1999 feels about right - The Office came out shortly afterwards didn’t it?

Anyway it’s morning. Feeling a bit hungover - turns out that three pints is enough to make me feel like that nowadays. Was nice catching up with my boss though, who I’d not seen in person since last year.

Got a “Reward and Recognition” ceremony thing at lunchtime - hopefully it won’t be too cringey. That’s about all to report.

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Another day. Am off to see Halloween Kills tonight though so looking forwards to that. Just got to make it through to 5:30 first.


Oh my. Unexpected late finish yesterday and an early start today. Eldest has been a total shit this morning. Going to work for a shorter shift today as I pulled a longer shift yesterday and don’t get paid OT. Will treat myself to a nice coffee before I start

Morning :wave:

So happy it’s Friday. Got a family meal tonight but a day of work to get through first.