Friday morning πŸ‘½

:alien: :alien: :alien:



Penultimate friday working in london/commuting.

Pretttty sweet

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Morning Prof and etc. In the airport about to fly home to Ireland for the weekend. Tiiiiired :sleeping:


Where bounce you moving, guv?

Have you been in Scotland again? Do you live in Scotland? I’m confused

Ha yeah I live in Scotland! :smiley:


Going back to my old job in Cambridge- been on secondment the last few months.


Four hours sleep. On the train from Delft to work. Have to pick my bike up from Bunnik on the way. Today is going to be a struggle, but it’s Friday so hopefully that’s enough to get me through.

What are you doing for thirdment!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


Ellen Alien and her orchestra of bubbles

Need to get today’s meeting finished early so I beat the snow home

Love that album

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Think my weekend plans are going to be totally screwed cos of snow. Was planning on riding 300km on Sunday. Fuck sake weather, get your shit together.

Had a day holiday to use, sooooo 3 Day weekend!!! Got some ATDs coming to the winch. Then off to a beer festival. Might go for for a long walk listening to the new YLT album maybe, or just stay in.


Knackered, was at at the drive in/death from above last night and also the dug wanted out at 4am. Hearing slightly muffled today. Half day today then hookworms tomorrow night.


300km! Holy guacamole that is a long way.

Just ordered a coffee in Dutch and at no point during the transaction did they switch to English. Feeling well proud of myself.

To be fair it was mostly saying nee bedankt, but it’s the thought that counts


5 hours sleep. Most I’ve had in over a fortnight. Going to the doctors today

5 hours of calls today :expressionless:

WFH but might go in to study with cleverer people.

Need to go the post office. So was going to go the library but it doesn’t open til 10 and will probably get there before that.

Deleted a load of files to try make my phone go faster… and it’s even slower.