Friday morning 👽

I’ve got a three day weekend, I was totally shattered and still have holiday from last year to use, let alone this year.

Got up to med the cat, not a lot else planned. But I need to tidy the house, especially upstairs.

I might go for a wander down to my local micropub and spend a lazy afternoon.

it’s sunny!

Got the day off because my mum’s in town and I have a dentist’s appointment.
She has to do some work though so I might just pretend the appointment takes ages and go for a swim.
Days off :star_struck::fire::heart_eyes::rose:

Ha ha ha…Delft :smiley:

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Hey Bazza! It’s Theo

I’m on a bus going to a trial shift then I’ve got to go to my actual job afterwards. A sweet 9am-1am day of working for me. I’ve had one hours sleep. Send help.

Got work at 5, until then it’ll be packing city. That is all.

WFH. Avo and eggs for breakfast, maybe a run after work, house viewing then a northern monk tap takeover this evening :+1:

Whoever’s in the kitchen is making breakfast in the angriest way I’ve ever heard anyone make breakfast.


WFH today - work has got very slack this week as I’m starting a new job (at the same company) in a week’s time

New pedal arriving later - justifying it as (another?) Early birthday pressie to me.

Mate’s 50th at an Indonesian restaurant tonight, then hopefully a weekend of snowey mountain bike rides, or hiding indoors depending on what type of snow it is and if it settles nicely.

eurgh. getting made redundant from my side hustle which is prettttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy annoying. Especially as they gave me assurances that it wouldn’t happen. Gonna be a squeeze with the wife on maternity…still, get my Thursday and Friday evenings off. Need to think of a money making scheme. Might start doing up and selling furniture or some shit

Side husstles

The guy who owns/ runs the garage where I got my car fixed up yesterday was telling me about his property empire

He currently owns about 20 odd(!!!) properties that he has bought at auctions and is in the process of doing up during his weekends and evenings. And some of them are not local to him so there is lots of driving just to get to them. Who could be fucked? Can’t get my head round people who just want to work 24/7. I’ve been in my flat 8 years and there is still loads of stuff needs doing.

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I’m going to hookworms tomorrow night :+1:


think I’m just going to have a happy day today where I don’t worry about anything at all.

Probably good for me anyway

Bout to jump on the train to London, off to see girl from the north country and eat and drink well.
Train back up tomorrow for hookworms tomorrow night.
Woohoo train beers


In berlin
Good here isn’t it


I love a beer, but it’s even too early for me!


The thing is he told me he’s 50. I said something like “well I expect you’ll be having a nice early retirement” and he mentioned retiring around 65

Not early enough for all that effort

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I’m flying out to Bergen in a few hours, just need to fix some stuff at home first. It is currently sunny outside and minus 6 degrees.

I’m going to see Girl From The North Country Next Weekend. I’d be interested to hear what you make of it.

WFH today. Still in my dressing gown. Not sure that’s going to change any time soon to be frank.

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