Friday morning

Today is my Friday.


Been awake since around 3.30am. Jetlag is so much worse than I remember it being.

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It’s too fucking early.


Could stay in bed for about a year tbh. Work then ultrasound scan though. Have been feeding mrs stack like crazy so hoping little one has grown a bit :grimacing:


Too much work to do.
Sister in law is staying with us for the weekend - fun but tiring.
Put out a great record today on the label.
Need coffee.


Can I still get the sampler?


Yeah! Got a few copies left still :slight_smile:
Halfway down the page here


I meant to put this in the Disintegration States thread but I’ll put it here now: listened to the first CD of the sampler a few times on japes’ car last weekend, bloody excellent stuff.

Edit: just bought the sampler


I found scans and all that really scary and I’m not usually a worrier. Hoping for good news for you.


Thanks man. This is third one in 6 weeks cause we found out at the 20 wk scan that baby is very small (lower than 3rd percentile) and it’s pretty wearying but we’re a bit more robust about what we get told now. Always happy to see the little blighter anyways.

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Boom, just bought one and got you a coffee :smiley:


I have been awake since 5.00. Luckily I’m only teaching until 12.00.

I have a feedback chat with my manager about why they won’t interview me for promotion at lunchtime.

Cheers dude :heart_eyes:
Merry Friday!


Today (and tomorrow) I’m moving, which involves 400 miles of driving a van and I am already tired.

Just let me sleep, world!!

Just finished a night shift and off to Ethiopia for a 3 week holiday tonight.

Going to be an interesting time.

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Just back from a 2 1/2 mile round walk to the station to see my wife off to work just to get out of the house. Otherwise day consists of:

Applying for jobs
Loads of work to do
Applying for jobs
Coffee etc.

Also my new electronica/techno record is out on Disintegration State today (as ably advertised by @Twinkletoes earlier in this thread)

More coffee

Home alone this weekend:open_mouth:


I got a Facebook notification for a “Club night” tonight. Wtf, I don’t remember agreeing to go to a club. That’s very Not Me.

Oh. Right.

(still not going to go, obviously)

Morning all! Back to work today after my ‘weekend’. Had a great evening yesterday after deciding to drive to Dartmouth to get some M&S treats and discovering it was regatta week so the fair is in town, providing us with chips and hot doughnuts for the drive home. Had some white choc and blackcurrant thing from M&S that was ridiculously good. Now about to head to work and see what various messes are waiting for me. Friday!