Friday mothafuckin evening thread


Stayin in and doin some personal admin AAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIGGHT! Jungle is maseeeev :dancer::man_dancing:


I’m in Surrey over the weekend. Was gonna take my bike but I couldn’t find my right shoe in time and was late for my train :frowning:


Just about to fly to Romania, before the uk. Ate some meatballs too quick because my flight got called #swedishfirstworldproblems


It’s an excellent Friday because I’m watching labyrinth with the kids for the fist time and I GOT A FREAKING JOB TODAY. @keith and @gonad I did it :slight_smile:

Drinking gin and tonic, premixed in a bottle. Nice though.

Had lasagne and chips for tea. Winning all round


eating a soy based yoghurt 7 / 10


Yaaaaay, well done on the job!


excellent news about the lasagne, well done slickers




Yes Slickers!


This is the start of my evening.


I used to drink a bottle of wine as a post-interview ritual regardless of outcome. It did nothing for my teaching the next day.

Given that it’s Friday today, you have my permission to have more drinks tonight.

Well done!


Why did the lion get lost? Cos the jungle is massive.

Wife is making chicken saag masala, beers are chilling. Somehow she’s never seen Cronenberg’s ‘The Fly’ before so banging that on the Sony Movie Channel(?!) tonight.

I’m becoming… Brundlefly!


Yeah, what fucker has never watched that film in question.






Aww yiss


hooray! congrats :smiley: :tada:


Absolutely love that album. Got to meet some of them when a band I was in supported September Girls a few years ago and they were so sound. Could drink anyone under the table too.


I was totally obsessed with them, and that album was so great. Lost classic.

The video for Feel The Machine was something else.


Just back from work, I was planning on leaving early, but yet again didn’t.

I found out earlier my sister got priority access tickets for my nephew for the Green Day Hyde Park gig tomorrow and gates are at 12. I was hoping to turn up later but I’m going to have to pick him up at 10am.


Yessssssss lovely stuff


I feel like all my life is personal admin. idk if its cause I’m just so lazy but it’s seriously like all I can achieve in my day. probably cause I’m moving tomorrow and have lots of loose ends to tie up and things to arrange and people to see etc. can’t imagine what life must be like for people who are really disorganised. must be so stressful.