Friday - New albums 05/01/2018


I’m planning to buy the Shame album.


After just listening to alot of 2017 albums trying to force out a top 5 list. I think I actually prefer this to any album of 2017 and it came out on frickin’ January 1st. Hopefully a good sign for 2018!

Also can’t beat a truly surprising release. Having no idea he’s even recording to having a new album ready to go right there!


This is great. Hard to believe that it’s not Karin Dreijer on Duck Duck Goose


Crap photo but a brilliant gig. I saw her when I was at Austin, Texas last year.


Slightly better photo but I was wasted. She’s great live. That gig rounded off an amazing Saturday for me in Austin.


This album is fucking rad

Duck Duck Goose is a choon


The first two weeks of the year always suck ass because virtually nothing comes out.

Can anyone point me in the direction of any other LPs or EPs out so far worth investigating?


the one in the OP is a winner :+1:


Been obsessed with Sidney Gish’s while discography since listening to No Dogs Allowed. Might not be to everyone’s taste mind


@rich-t you might be happy to know Pitchfork scored No Dogs Allowed at 7.7.

But I have to say, I am not as taken with this - her sophomore effort (that’s just for you @scagden :rofl:) - as with her debut, Ed Buys Houses. What do you think?




I think it’s more developed than EBH tbh


Not a fan of their single (One Rizla) that 6music are plugging atm.


The new Typhoon album, Offerings, seems rather lovely on my first couple of listens. I think they’re Canadian and have a few members, so therefore must be Arcade Fire and BSS esque, in a more subdued kinda way. Or some such. Definitely worth a listen. Will post a favourite song from it once I have a few more listens (it’s 14 songs long, so haven’t yet settled on favourites).


Still loving this. Here’s a song from the album, as nothing is better to entice people to listen than an 8 minute plus song which has a nice little bit in the second half:


I’ve given this album a couple of shots now and it seems like it could be a big sad grower, I’m definitely intrigued. My mind wanders and then these great depressing bits scattered throughout it pull me back in. Never had listened to them before.


good this, cheers for posting, quite Bright Eyes-y


Yes,I definitely noticed Bright Eyes-esque moments on it. They’re playing a few gigs in the UK in Feb/March, so hopefully that should be good.