Friday - New Albums - 12th January

Been waiting all day for someone to start the album thread, but cant’ see one. So here goes.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club album was ok I suppose. Might try the Big Star live LP.

But since I listened to jingle bollocks for practically all of December, I missed out on Bill Baird’s latest one ‘Straight Time’ which I really enjoyed today a good month after it was released.

Anyone else found any new gems?

Shame’s album Songs Of Praise is out today. Sounds like a fightier Eagulls / not shit Palma Violets.


yeah checking this out now, seems alright actually, was meant to see them in December as they were touring with Gurr but they had to go home sick

I had ‘Concrete’ on my playlist at some point last year. Listening to the album now. Maybe a little roary for me, but sounds good.

Listened earlier and was pleasantly surprised to find a not shit British rock band. As in a rock band with pop potential anyway

Bleak time for genuinely new releases - I’m enjoying a couple of great vinyl re-issues of albums I missed the first time round: The Travels by Molly Nillson and Always Then by The KVB.

playing rough trade Bristol later :slight_smile:

Debut from The Green Child is very good, they’re on Upset the Rhythm.

This is out today Black Metal fans

FFO: early Gorgoroth, Judas Iscariot, Dark driving elemental black metal and werewolves (probably)