Friday New Music Thread


Was wondering when the Friday New Music Thread was going to appear…so I made it myself.

Not a great deal of new records out today. I’m going to try the new Barry Adamson EP though.

Also some new singles this week from Sweet Baboo, Kevin Morby, DBFC, Woods and Domiciles.

Any other shouts?






will be interested to hear the new Kevin Morby single, just seen that his new album is out in June. There was nothing on my list today to check out other than the new Kendrick Lamar. On first spin its a good listen but as I’ve found with his other releases I’ll need to spend some time with it to pick up the lyrics and get the most out of it


Actress is top of my list today.


I prefer Kevin’s new single to the one he had out a couple of weeks ago, now looking forward to his new album. He’s also got a song on that Danger Mouse 50s/60s covers album thingy.


New Little Dragon today


Part Chimp - Iv


It’s excellent




Yes it is.


hullo :wave:


You seeing them at stereo tomorrow?


Do you think Thriller was better than the first two albums?

Was a point where we were seeing them every couple of months but that dropped off as they did. Might go say hi on Tuesday at rough trade and have tickets for the 100 Club. Should be a fun!


Yeah I felt they got better as they went on


I loved the production on the first two- though John from Mogwai did a great job of recreating how they sounded live. Wasn’t sure about the third. Too sludgy for me (although I’m sure what they were going for). Away this weekend but looking forward to listening to the new one on Monday when we get back. Enjoyed the review!


part chimp were ace in leeds yesterday by the way (no surprise there). glasgow’s in for a treat :slight_smile:


On my way just now!




Nah, I missed them. Was it good aye?