Friday new releases 20 March 2020

Last of the Scottish twee indie poppers, Randolph’s Leap, have knocked out an ‘emergency album’ over the course of four days.

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Didn’t realise the new Shrug Life album is out today

filthy noisy hardcore with Spencer from Full of Hell

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Thanks! I’ll enjoy that.

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You know what you’re going to get with one of his releases but I love it

NYZ - OLD TRX (87-93) for me so far

Will most likely get the new Roger & Brian Eno album as well, and Baxter Dury too

Emily Sprague has a new one out.


Ok so I put the new morrissey album on out of morbid curiosity, lasted two songs. Anyway I implore you all to listen to the 1st song just to hear how bad it is

Enjoyed all 25 mins muchly

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lovely acoustic folk rock rambles with harmonies and the odd spanish language tune thrown in for xtra flavour

Came back off my lunchbreak at work and someone had put it on the shop stereo. Final written warning I’m afraid.


Three songs in and this is ace. Best album title
of the year so far as well.

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Just who the world needs to hear from right now!

Allen and Masekela is real tasty as expected

James Righton from Klaxons has a new solo album out, it’s quite lovely. Sort of Beatles/Supergrass/Tame Impala vibes.

This is great

In your eyes is a Tune!

Love the new Baxter Dury. I really need to listen to more of his back catalogue, I just love his sound and delivery and think this one is the best of the 3 records I’ve heard.

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I didn’t think he would top Prince of Tears but on first listen I think he has.


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