Friday new releases 20 March 2020

Did you see CF at the Old E last year? Went on a whim and he was great.

I did! It was really good, proper transcendent getting lost in the music stuff

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It was more like two years ago! Went looking for the photos I took and it was February 2018

New black midi live album on band camp…

Just gave The Weeknd’s album a listen after hearing a lot of hype. Thought it might finally be the record he shows growth as an artist.

For me, nope. I don’t really see how this breaks free in any way from the post-808s, post-Drake sound that he helped create. Maybe if this had been the sequel to Trilogy, it would have been exciting, but it all just seems done. And I don’t really connect with the vocals either. A lot of it seems fairly Disney-era Michael Jackson to me. And the themes are still exactly the same, he might overdose while tapping your girl’s ass etc. blah.

When House of Balloons dropped this guy was supposedly the guy pushing music forward, while Frank was just making R&B tunes with Nostalgia, Ultra. It feels like The Weeknd hasn’t had an original thought since then, and this is so, so far behind what Frank was doing on Blonde years ago in terms of creativity or novelty.

Seems it’s going to lap up the plaudits from the critics but it’s a big meh from me.


New Malojian dropped yesterday. Really lovely. Produced by Jason Lytle who he supported on his solo tour last year. If you like Grandaddy you’ll love this

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Colin Phils.
American indie with Math / post rock bits. Some really great songs on this. Was not expecting the blast beats on the last track.
Apparently they sound a bit like American Football but I couldn’t swear to that.

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Album of the year for me so far. This is fantastic.

Title/artwork also brilliant

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This is AOTM material here. Really good

Digging this a lot so far (two tracks in lol)

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I’ve been rinsing it, it’s really good :slight_smile: La Fin is :ok_hand:

Not there yet, on Midnight Train to Kunming, all tracks have been excellent so far - first two especially

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Bit late but this is SO GOOD

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Phenomenal isn’t it? Up there as potential AOTY for me.

Same. Checked it out because of the reviews and it’s… OK. Some good songs. No new ideas. Remember finding ‘House of Balloons’ so exciting and he’s never really kicked on from there, which is a shame because if he was a bit more daring he could do something great.