Friday New Releases Thread 23/2

What’s everyone excited about today?

I’ll be listening to the new Screaming Females album All At Once. Loved Rose Mountain, they have a kind of Sleater Kinney meets Sabbath sludgy riffy pop vibe so ticks pretty much all of my boxes.


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Enjoying this fight of the Matt Groening villains


Copied and pasted from my thread, which was a minute too late for this cruel world:

does anyone have any recommendations? This week seems a bit thin on the ground compared to the rest of February (which has been ridiculously stacked, TBF)

At the moment I’m trying out Sarah Blasko’s Depth Of Field. Starts off great, but not convinced on the whole. Some great pop moments on there for sure.

Also have Turnstiles, Screaming Females, Hailu Merglia and Public Access TV lined up.

Last set of releases before the end of the month, so make sure to get your fill and vote for your faves at @BMS1‘s much appreciated thread DiS Users' February 2018 Album Of The Month

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Lo Moon is worthwhile a listen. Poppy Talk Talk vibe.

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Villains?! I’ll have you know I’m the most highly decorated captain (and lovemaker) in the universe!

And @hankscorpio is pretty dashing too


Yep, for me this week, Lo Moon (s/t) as @melaniesykesbike says (and nicely described sir/ma’am) . Also, Olden Yolk (also s/t).

Bit of a quiet week this one. There’s a new Skull Defekts album out which I’ll be checking, though it’s been a while since they’ve done anything I really like. Also Skull Defekts/Brainbombs side project Orchestra of Constant Distress have a record out today on Bandcamp for anyone who likes endless repetitious instrumental riffy nonsense which stubbornly refuses to go anywhere. And why wouldn’t you?

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And again in here…

Screaming Females!!

The ones I’m looking at are:

Olden Yolk
The Low Anthem
Jason Sharp
Renata Zeiguer

This is sounding right up my street. Album art is on point - spacey acid-tinged IDM from a label run by IDM stalwarts B12.


Really quiet week it seems. But The Lovely Eggs and Insecure Men have albums out, so might try both of them.


You’ve got me interested.

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That label (Firescope) is really good. Love this John Shmia EP from last year.

Love the artwork too

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Going to check out the new Palm album - the review on Norman Records sounds really interesting. Will also work my way through the Felt reissues.

Good shout this for Palm - 40 seconds into the opener and I’m sold