Friday New Releases Thread 23/2

Finally out today


Also, my good pal Matt Karmil releases an EP on Studio Barnhus today called Tell Me Why that you should all check out too

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Grant-lee Phillips has a great new one out

That and new Primitive Motion are the ones for me!

Turnstile is good. 25 minutes of fun.


bit of a dud link on there - the spotify link only goes to one track of the EP

here’s the full EP

Enjoying Screaming Females - good shout, multiple people

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Hieroglyphic Being is decent and worth a listen if you like Underground Resistance style techno.

Also looking forward to listening to the Ryuichi Sakamoto remixes album.

Nice one, have listened to it this morning & can confirm it’s really good.

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I’ll check out Screaming Females.

I was looking forward to hearing the debut album by Conjurer but that has now been delayed until March.

I’ll be checking out Insecure Men and Olsen Yolk (already mentioned) but also:


Plus one from last week that I missed - Lake Ruth - which has got a good write-up from Norman Records.

Sorry to go off topic, but did you see this piece on B12 on the Warp site last year? Really interesting stuff.

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Think the new Cloud one is out today

I did not! Thanks for the link :slight_smile:

Really enjoying the new Low Anthem one. I liked the recent Holly Miranda single, so I’ll be checking her album out too.

The El Perro Del Mar EP is out today too

yes, it’s a new, well a cover:

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welllllllllllll into this Screaming Females album.

never heard of them before


The Lovely Eggs is a fab record. They’ve gone all space rocky and have BIG DRUMS. Good times.

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Grimus - Unamanageable Species

Gleb Kolyadin - Gleb Kolyadin

I like these

Dedekind Cut - Tahoe (Ambient/ Drone)

The Skull Defekts - S/T (Hefty Alt Rock/Post punk)

Yann Novak - The Future is a Forward Escape in to the Past. (Ambient Drone)

you’re going to need to check out Castle Talk and Ugly stat!