Friday Night All Right, All Right (Evening Threading)

What’s shaking people? Think it’s time to start on the tins here.

What ya’ll up to this evening?

  • shopping delivery
  • eating ice cream for said shopping delivery
  • possible regret

Hiya :wave:

Got a mini cask and a pizza and some tunes.



What kind of ice cream did we get?


second walk shortly
second episode of Queer Eye afterwards
early night (nice to write that on a friday without fear of being judged)

B&Js vegan peanut butter and cookie

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upstairs are being really fucking noisy and it’s getting on my tits quite frankly

Got a family Zoom at 7pm, cba

Sort of just want to go to bed

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Making some chips and chicken style things for an easy dinner, then it’s wine and finishing Little Fires Everywhere on telly… excellent btw.

Had a mad long week so very much looking forward to sleeping past half six again tomorrow…

Southern fried chicken and homemade chips for tea, probably read some more and try and avoid the big bottle of farm cider in the fridge. Tired out but sick of moaning about it, so I won’t!

beer/music/food/wine etc etc


Pie and cauliflower cheese for dinner.

Going to read the rest of my creepy book tonight and I’d like an early night…but have to stay up to tire out the cat.

Just been to the magical Unicorn and spent my standard £50 on one large bag of groceries. Every fucking time I think I’ll spend a bit less and every time I buy shit loads of post hummus and cheese and 10 packs of tofu. What a wanker.

Just sold a bike to a nice chap from Gumtree and it’s my housemate’s birthday so we’re getting curry and booze.

Hope you all have nice evenings DiS x


my get an ice cream from the ice cream shop a couple of doors down


Oh shit, were playing lord of the rings board game !

Your pick up a bag of potatoes from the potato man a couple of streets away


staying in with my hot girlfriend

she made a really nice curry and we’re going to have it with steamed sticky rice


Dunno. Probably play bloodborne.

Dinner options:

  • Sausage mash n onions (from scratch)
  • Dig frozen stew out freezer
  • Dig frozen bolognese out freezer
  • Pasta pesto
  • Ramen x3 packets

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