Friday Night and I'm Not Eating Chicken Wings

The baby sitter was over half an hour late when we cancelled our booking. It wasn’t her fault but we’d missed our table by that time.

Waiting on a pile of Lebanese food.

I hope tardiness hasn’t ruined your chicken eating options.

The Hey Duggee Toothbrush Song is really improving my night though.

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Got hot wings and a pizza on the way my friend.

3rd takeaway of the week


got an itchy inner ear.

There’s no cure for this is there?

That’s pretty mean to Keith

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Could you ask the vet to put you down?

I thought it was a dick move too…

sorry this one went right over my head

Meeting a friend (ex fiancé) for food and drinks. Will try not to have a mental one. :thinking:
Fuckin starving.


You should absolutely not stick anything like a pen top in there to scratch it.

But that’s what I’d do.

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Probably not, no, I’m afraid. I get bad eczema around and in my ears so mine are pretty much always itchy, annoyingly.

incredibly hard to distract yourself from

Yup. Keep having to stop myself putting my finger in my ear all the time.

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Server at work with 30 clients websites on got infected with this:

Evening all. Given up wine for Lent. Going to be a loooong time of waiting.

Got some fancy tonic water in so that might help.


I had this for ages last night.

I try to kind of rub my tongue on the back/roof of my mouth, seems to be connected in some weird way

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Yeah. I remember Billy Connolly doing a bit about making a certain guttural noise to try and itch it

ooo! Not tried that one

And then I had some vile Tory cunt client shouting at me on the phone, just Googled him and there’s an article about him and his business on The Telegraphs website.