Friday Night and I'm Not Eating Chicken Wings

not like you made the ransomware is it?

that’s the only good Cure song right?

only know that one and lovecats which I think is quite annoying

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One of our clients is a Labour candidate in a Tory stronghold. He responded to the email regarding the outage with “okay thanks for letting me know”.


Yaaaaay Hey Duggee!

Kick kick kick kick kick kick kick kick kick kick kick kick kickky kickky kick kick

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Doing a lil cardio in the gym, Rachel from s club is on the TVanswering qs on Rachel from friends as her specialist subject on mastermind

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Only good Cure song?!

If you had ambitions of being the wrongest man in the thread then you have won.



Chorizo and tomato gnocchi for tea and a rock n roll night of Decathlon followed by a swim. Weather is disgusting.


sorry they’re not really my bag

Oooft stay strong slicks

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That latest potter film is big bag of wank innit :confused:

Gonna wash up then watch the jacko doc in bed

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No need to be sorry man but they have so many good songs

I’m not even that big a fan but I can get to double figures of Cure songs I love pretty easily.


Had veggie nuggets myself

In other lent related news my lover decided to give up cheese (a big deal for her)

So I’ve just eaten all of the cheese in the place before she moves in to help her avoid temptation :sweat_smile:Nothing to do with me wanting all of the cheese :cheese::laughing::dizzy_face:


guys i have been hamming up my interest in astrology for a while because it makes men SO angry

BUT i recently learned about moon signs and the personality description for combo of my sun (Taurus) and moon (Scorpio) sign is pretty damn accurate, same for a friend who i tested it on. B E L I E V E :crystal_ball:

calculate your moon sign:

see what your combo means:


Being ill has made me feel even more useless than normal. So that’s good, even when I get better I can think about how little I am needed.


Think I might not be going out tonight after all. Just really tired from this week.

A while back I thought ‘i’m wankered, i should go home’ then realised it was 7:30. It is now 8:30.


Decent hour’s sobering up, you probably just had…