Friday Night Bangers/Evening Thread

I think they’re doing a 1981 anniversary tour with Metallica next year.


Formed in '78.

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Getting goosebumps watching a show about concrete sculpture

Wish i could put my hand through the tv to touch it

Possibly the finest.

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So sad you can’t get it in Spain :frowning:

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How do you cope?

Evening all!

I had a bit of a weird day at work which included a point where I nearly burst into tears explaining to a colleague how much I can’t be bothered with my job. I’ve been tired all day and I think I might just need a rest.

I made a Thai style curry for tea with assorted vegetable leftovers and some frozen fish. It was good.

I played football - turned up slightly late and played badly. If we had any replacements, I probably wouldn’t have played. No goals, stat fans.


Ever been to greendale farm shop? Watching some programme on farm shops and it’s on.

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blimey, Barkmarket

that was a while since I heard them mentioned anywhere

saw them opening for Pixies on the Bossanova tour way back in my schoolboy years

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Can’t argue with that.


Just had a curry (tharka dal and paratha), now watchong footie (Thistle v Caley)

No but I think they sell our beer.

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Now everyone cancelling on cards later, fuck em. Going to go full Tom Hanks mode from the The 'Burbs “drink a couple hundred beers, smoke the occasional cigar”.

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Run by Mrs Goggins?




Haven’t been anywhere for 4 years, go on holiday, get covid. Joy.

Going to watch cricket because it’s so boring I can just about deal with it (W.I. v N.Z).


Holy shit no way! Very jealous of that.

All I know about Barkmarket is that they made one of my favourite tracks of all time, their drummer is called Rock Savage and the singer (Dave something or other, I think) used to be a music consultant for some fairly big Hollywood films.


cathartic sad bangers are still bangers

in fact they are the best bangers

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