Friday night dance I like the way you….. wait

Happy Friday night! I just opened a beer that is disgusting so I think I have to chuck it and get another one :neutral_face:

Hello! I fancied listening to The Knot by Wye Oak, soooo… that’s what I’m doing! Then I’ll get mesen a nice pizza


Had the busiest day at work since I started there.
Ran another successful brewery tour.
Can’t really drink much beer cause I have to work tomorrow.
There was a big fuck up of some sort at our canning place and I’ve got loads of free slightly underfilled cans of beer.
Pizza, garlic bread and chilli cheese bites for tea.

What a rollercoaster!



I joked to someone a few weeks ago that I wanted a sign in my toilet that was like a Live, Love, Laugh thing but it was

like nobody’s watching
like you’ve never been hurt

And they’ve left me on read ever since


bought potatoes. forgot i’ve ran out of salt.

complete catastrophe.

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Cum on them.

kept putting off buying it because no shop i was in had decent salt, it was all the shitey stuff and now look at me… paying the price big time

remind me never to go to one of your dinner parties


Luckily I ALWAYS have salt in.

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Evening. Loads to do in the flat, don’t know how people cope having visitors all the time. Out for most of tomorrow day but akso need to start prepping rotolo at some point and make Scout Pudding :tm:

Naturally tonight I’ll probably crochet something which could wait until after cleaning but… :woman_shrugging:

Havin an absolute shocker ma man :grinning:

it’s really nice to feel the cold again

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  • no way, José!

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It’s roasting up here but the recent cold days were bliss. Need more.

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tell me more

It’s actually the anglo italian trifle nigella does but without the trifle sponges and made to be nothing like trifle, just loads of blackberries, amaretti biscuits and mascarpone and almonds. It’s absolutely amazing.

bailed on again by my mate tonight btw. :smiley:

gonna ignore his texts for a month - the guy can’t bear to be alone or without attention for a minute, so gonna enjoy that.

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her naming of it is part of the reason I changed it (that and I hate trifle). It’s just blackberry pudding, it’s ace

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