Friday Night Dinner


actually really good innit?


Latest series was tripe m9!


The one with Liam Williams in was up to the standard of the first series. The rest of the recent stuff has been pretty meh.


I’ve really enjoyed this most recent series. I was surprised to see it was on its fifth series; for something that is so reliant on a set situation / formula, I’m always impressed with how it varies on the familiarity. One of those sitcoms that’s really good at one-off characters (seconding @colinfilth on Liam Williams, specifically).



i’ve laughed harder at this show than any other comedy.

haven’t got around to watching the last couple of series though


The thing is Robert Popper had a load of comedy gold nuggets from his own childhood to use, but he seems to have used them all up. It was interesting to see that the episode where they gave Mark Heap a more central role seemed to die on its arse. Much better with him as an occasional spark of weirdness.


aye one of those thats easy watching but guaranteed one or two laugh out loud moments an ep

also SPOILER the last ep with Wilson almost had me ib tears


Yeah it’s very funny. Not sure I’ve seen the last series though.


This recent series has been class. The previous one was a bit rubbish.