Friday Night Dinner

shit on it :frowning:


had no idea that was him in Chernobyl, he was great in it. really sad :frowning:


Oh no! :frowning: He was the best thing about Friday Night Dinner. He was also in the cop drama, No Offence and did a great job in that. Sad times.

Genuinely really sad about this. I think it’s partly because he reminds me so much of my dad in Friday Night Dinner, so it feels closer to home than just a random well known person (even though that’s what he is really)

Poor guy, RIP

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Genuinely staggered. 54. It’s nothing.

Great actor. He was fantastic in everything I’ve seen him perform in, especially Chernobyl.

Proper sad.

It was really strange seeing him play a serious role but he was really good in it

Genuinely think Friday Night Dinner is one of the most realistic portrayals of a family I’ve seen on TV


Watched some clips of Lord Luck and still find it hilarious. “BUGGER OFF!”