Friday night feeling alright???


This is the evening thread. Getting an Indian and drinking some wine. HBU huns?

Getting a kebab and drinking some beer. Cheers!

Going to watch some horror movies later too.

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Right so I decided to shave and cut my hair, be nice n fresh for the evening. Clippers fucking broke as soon as I took a chunk out of my hair!!! Ordered an emergency clipper for tomorrow (hopefully it’ll come early!!!) but for now I guess I look kinda crazy?

Just gonna hide in my room until further notice

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Not sure what to have for tea. My options are leftover bean and squash stew my house mate made or I make myself some pasta.

no hats to wear?

I never buy hats so currently hatless

hoody time?

my hoodies are all firmly considered ‘loungeware’ perfect for hiding in my room with but nothing else

But amazon delivering me some clippers tomorrow I CAN WAIT! I got a drinks fridge full of snacks and soda

unless you need to wear a suit you can wear a hoodie/y :slight_smile:

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Did a tiny amount of work on the new album

Expect it in 203836


Both my gf and my mate coming up from the Big Smoke have had transport delays. Can’t decide on what we’re doing for tea until they’re both here, which is inconvenient on two levels cos I’m hungry and whatever we do has gotta be before Allah-Las tonight, giving us not much time.

Will have a beer, in lieu of making any decisions.

It’s proper loungeware. Big puffy and THICK. Comfortable to mooch in but I hate wearing it out and about.

I shall play Links Awakening instead

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good choice

Getting new breaks on the car then its beer time!

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Ite. Waiting for the Eurostar. Been and looked at lots of paintings, never felt so sophisticated


Feel shit

Still on the bus home

going to see some music performed live in concert, might drink a beer or two

did almost no work today and forgot to send a vaguely important email. oh well, idgaf!!!

Cycled to :fireworks: Cambridge North :fireworks: in an absolute downpour. The upside is that my waterproofs are quite effective and my suit jacket was in my panniers, so I could just stroll onto the train looking relatively composed.

Gonna make fish molee for tea in a bit. Might watch a film, possibly?

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Pizza for dinner. Might dye my hair and record a new mix tonight while my other half is out with her mates.

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