Friday night for sure.

What’s going on?

Just hanging out here :slightly_smiling_face:


How is everyone?

My upstairs neighbours are singing along to Mr Brightside

I’ve just got a migraine aura so I guess I’m going to bed :upside_down_face:

Chilled one for me tonight. Having some cans. Might get a takeaway. Seeing a pal I haven’t seen for a while tomorrow so looking forward to that.

Anyone watched anything good on the ol’ streaming recently?

Just got in, had some leftover pasta.

Gonna have a big pint of water before i have to make a decision on beer or spirits.

Probably watch the rugby league.

Just realised there’s football on tonight. Result.

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Tired right out and more than a bit miserable. Making cheeseburger casserole for tea so that might help.

That looks awful.


Looks alright

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Hello on the early cans watching the Queen’s Lying-In Her Still-State for some reason with ambient music on in the background. More mesmerized by the perfect synchronization of the music to the going’s on mind you.

GF out for the night with the ladies. Might watch some football here in a bit.

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Landlord raised my rent £50 a month, so that’s me on the cheap beans for the rest of my life.

Probably watch more Treme. Have some wine. Pizza done already, undercooked it a bit.

Mainly just sitting about wishing I was on holiday with Lopes. What a time that would be.

Off to a poker night and then a Brazilian queer night

Made tiffin and banana bread to bring to the former


Having to deal with some very unhappy american folks at a company we just bought out. They’re lovely, and scared of potential process change. I have the lovely job of ushering in said change while keeping everyone reassured. It is surprisingly emotionally painful already, and we’ve only just started.

I need like 50 drinks.

I feel like it would be welcome at both nights.

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Hope you have a Brazilliant time.


was just having a play with the DSLR I bought

had to adjust the diopter because the information in the viewfinder was blurry, realised I needed it turned pretty much all the way towards the minus symbol

I have definitely fucked my eyesight by spending so much time on my phone. smartphone myopia, isn’t it


Hope you feel better soon x



Pizza at a mate’s shortly which should be lovely. Nothing else to report really, dunno why I’m even posting this.

Need to remember to buy some scourers, which doesn’t look like a real word but it deffo is

Will never get over how good this is imo