Friday night for sure.

Might go and get more cans.


Evening everyone,

Off to see Superorganism tonight. I just need to get a child to sleep then a babysitter to arrive. It’s a 10pm finish so it won’t be a late one (and won’t cost me the earth in babysitter costs)

  • Go and get a chippy
  • Go and get a pizza

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Walked to the supermarket for a single purchase (those iced gems biscuit things but with chocolate) and had the sundried tomato pasta i made for lunch again for dinner. Can’t stand batch cooking but quite content with the same lunch and dinner, as long as it’s different the next day


Hey hey x


In Gran Canaria, gonna go out for a non-local Indian


Where on the island are you now?

Awww, the boats are sleeping

Creepy bit of tunnel


One bairn down. Other one currently being bedded by the TV.

Should be tidying up a bit but thinking I’m gonna crack open a jaipur while catching up on masterchef. Only got three small beers in the fridge. Never really manage too many in the house before bed calls but still worried i have understocked myself.

Still in puerto Pollensa. Bout to head out for some food and wine. Tomorrow the weather isn’t supposed to be up to much so gonna go for a drive and take in valdemossa, deia and soller I think.


Just in from the eldest’s footie training. Cold out. Def autumnal.
Made pasta, stirred through some roasted tomatoes, and a bit of mozzarella. Textbook.

Mrs S is it out, so I’ll be doing the ironing. Generally wishing i was on an island somewhere warm, like Ella or Lopes. Maybe without the fondo that Ella did, mind.

Valdermossa is really nice but freaked us out with the amount of tourists there :smiley:

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Thanks for all the love earlier.

Still feeling really quite down as I am a Ruminator™ but will probably feel okay tomorrow after a sleep and tomorrows bootcamp.

Just waiting for gogglebox then I’ll go to bed.


It’s gorgeous. Been a few times but my good lady arrived out a coupla days ago and she hasn’t been before

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Bought a few things off Vinted recently. Why do other people’s clothes always smell better than your own?

Cos they wash them


I feel bad for complaining because this is only my 3rd migraine and lots of people get them much worse and much more often than me, but they are so boring

I’ll just lie down in the dark and… wait for it to stop? For hours?

The more you have, the more you can read the signs early and get ahead of it.


Went to eat some crackers and they are stale. Friday night ruined.