Friday Night ft. Bangers


Feeling very aware of being in my 30s and single recently. I have exactly zero plans for the whole weekend. Wonder what I’ll do?

What are you up to?


My plans all pin on my covid status. If I’m negative tomorrow: Pilates and a date night. If pos, another day and night indoors.

Tonight it’s gogglebox and a Thai red prawn curry

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You feeling any better?

A little! It’s just coming and going so my sore throat is back but my cough is mostly gone :woman_shrugging: mystery.

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What should I have for tea?

  • Iceland curries and pakora
  • Local Indian
  • Scampi, chips and peas

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will be having a few tins tonight methinks. work chat:

got promoted, wasn’t expecting it. only just got one at christmas. as if the impostor syndrome wasn’t bad enough lol. chuffed obviously but maaan, startups :grimacing:


Well done, have a beer on me.


Going to drink four (4) cans (500ml) of cider (Bulmers) and record some demos. Here’s my banger for the evening.

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sorry forgot a banger


Hey up

Going round my friend’s house tomorrow…she has a pool :star_struck::star_struck: going to take the dog and try and get him in

Then maybe Wardor Castle depending on the sun / heat levels.

That’s it, gardening and sipping pints of squash otherwise.


Picked m up early for the long awaited premiere if Zombies 3 with Tibetan Kitchen for dinner.

Going to make a jumper tonight, lovely weather for it. Also going to track eric’s flight because I’m a good litte dork. Really fancy watching Grease 2 for some reason :sweat_smile:

Acquired a cool new stone earlier, what a day.

(Work tomorrow :expressionless:)


Mum just beckoned me downstairs, thought she’d fallen over but she just wanted to show me the red squirrel that sits outside her front door. Then a hare and a pheasant turner up. I swear she lives in a Disney film.


oh no, after having no appetite all day suddenly starving hungry but cba to move

this might be how it ends for me

farewell, sweet dis

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It’s an excellent and classic of its genre

michelle pfeiffer lol GIF

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Evening all :wave:

I’ve had a weird pins and needles thing in my face for much of the day but I think I’ve worked out that it’s an ear infection or somesuch, after having convinced myself I either had diabetes or multiple sclerosis. Will go to the GP next week if it persists but I think that’s the issue.

Currently making Pad Thai. Gonna drink some wine and watch a film on Netflix (probably Whiplash?)

It’s been a pleasure posting with you

Sad Doctor Who GIF

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tell them that i died doing what i loved

complaining on the internet


Roasting myself in the sun with my mega book (nearly halfway through though), no food plans, with make some sort of refreshing cocktail, hopefully have energy for weekend plans tomorrow

Hullo. I’m at SEATAC and I have a 9 hour layover before my flight backnto Nodnol :sleepy: got a new book to read and work has tried to cushion the blow by paying for the VIP lounge but please include me in your athiest thoughts and prayers.

Having an egg and cheese bagel and a coffee. Eric’s back, y’all. :bagel: :coffee: