Friday Night (inc. polls!)

It’s an Aussie player called David Boon. He was….a lot.

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:smiley: weirdly fancy him

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you know what’s great, is when you’re walking through a park with your phone light on, and you give some other walking light a wide berth

then the walking light’s dog starts barking at you and aggressively advancing even after their half-arsed attempts to call it back

then you shout at the dog to try and get it to leave you alone because obviously you’re scared and this person is doing next to nothing to make it stop

then this person turns out to be an aggressive cunt too, and they walk up in your face and threaten you + act like their dog barking aggressively + advancing on a stranger isn’t an issue

great that, isn’t it

Tennents treating you well?

It’s quite nice. Bit watery. Like Sol or something.

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Went to see Half Man Half Biscuit. Now talking to the pub regulars about organising a minibus trip to Weston Super Mare. I think I’ve fully reverted to the 1990s.


Would have to pick the exact period bus drivers are on strike to be visiting a place that can only be got to by bus on public transport. Obviously solidarity and that :fist:

Can probably get close enough by train that a taxi isnt too much

  • You know that hidden track on In Utero
  • Wher he’s all, ONE NORE SOLOOOOO?!
  • Well that except
  • No more drink
  • It’s water for you, old boy

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Watching the Baywatch film. Seems bad so far.

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Absolutely tragic stuff.

Home. Drunk. Heartburn. Listening to Neil Diamond. In that order.

IBU’S 1250


Had one of those nights where I tried to be social but ended up feeling like a space alien

Oh well, at least I got chips