Friday night isn't it

Shortly will be having pizza. Will share pics as is sfpp!!


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Had pizza

Having wine in a bit

Watching Love is Blind and Severance

Asleep by ten I’d imagine.


Also just ordered a pizza

Minimal plans. Watch the apprentice from last night. Couple of tins of Guinness probably.

Evening, by the way.

Having sausage, beans on toast again then going to a friend’s for a respectable drink.

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We’re going to have fish and chips

I’m quite tired. Need to go and wash up

Long day, long week. Came home and assembled this flat-pack item Mrs F bought (mustard is the name pf the company not what it’s for hahaha)

Currently cooking hot dawgs for tea and got 2l of nice cask beer to get through. May well be asleep soon.







I’m very hungry, this thread isn’t helping.

Looking forward to the Alasdair Gray stream soon :blush: today draaaaaaaaged, going to try and write some very dull professioanl stuff later, maybe even do my CV. What a life.

Just discovered some old letters that escaped my many mass clearouts in the past, some I’ve only now come to realise were attempted wooings. Great awkward indie one from a guy I’m still friends with about my rats that has a “ps. Youre pretty” written in the tiniest writing of all time :see_no_evil:


Leftover curries from yesterday which I’m imaginatively calling a thali. Umm, beer, and bed I reckon.

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At the risk of seeming well out of touch…what is big thief?

V good band. Some folky some not, Neil Young vibes.

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Going on a date and then going to Belgium

Could easily replace my posts with an AI at this point

My day off to do nothing got cancelled cause everyone started shitting and puking at nursery so early collection and a trip to the park with the wee ‘uns.

Mrs stack on a late-ish finish. Once I’ve done bath and bed for mini and tiny I will have beers and put on a record

I’m trying to put the child to bed, but he’s discovered GarageBand on the iPad so progress is slow


I’ll tell you what, @Gnometorious spent most of the afternoon clearing things up and made a right shine appear in the kitchen. I came down from work to discover this as she’d just sat down with a pile of books, so I rewarded her with a spot of vocal freestyle:

She’s been getting shit done in the kitchen
To be reading these books she is itchin’

Her response: :roll_eyes: I hate you! :sweat_smile:

Earlier, midway through through the cleaning, we’d had some burritos. I’d stirred the filling with a spoon that I promptly left in the work surface before going back upstairs. When I realised, I apologised by sliding head first down the stairs like a worm, pleading about being sorry.

Her response: :roll_eyes: I hate you :sweat_smile:

It was at this point I tried to get up by pushing myself back up the stairs. It won’t have escaped your notice, but I’m too old to slide down the stairs head first like a worm, and then push myself back up thw stairs, so in very undignified fashion I was forced to slide the entire staircase like a worm, before I could escape the clutches of the staircase. Overall, I feel like I got away with it and am very grateful for her efforts today.


Evening all!

We got one of The Child’s friends’ parents* to watch her tonight so we’ve been out for Thai food and are now waiting for the ballet to start.


It’s the TV’s birthday. Dinner later but first…