Friday night isn't it


Preparing dinner, listening to Donald Byrd, drinking beer. Good Friday evening.

I might be tipsy


Hi tipsy

Housemate made tea. It was pretty nice to be fair, but noticed they were scrubbing the veggies with warm soapy water and I’m very confused.

Dearly wish i had some spaghetti hoops

I’m having a beer. I’ve been abstaining for the last week in the hope that might aid my recovery, but that’s not worked so fuck it

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Just had a bit of a wtf moment with Mr Froglet

I always brush my teeth 3 times a day - first thing, before dinner and before bed. I’m quite fussy about it and there is basically no flexibility in this routine.

I was telling him about how I’ll have to change my brushing routine a bit if I get Invisalign because you’ve got to brush after every meal, and it emerged that he didn’t know I brushed my teeth 3 times a day. He thought I only brushed in the morning and before dinner. So he thought I’d brush my teeth at 6pm and then not brush them again until I get up the next day. :nauseated_face: As someone who is fussy about having clean teeth this is a very disturbing thought and also I’m like do you not know me at all??

Hiiiiii everyone :wave:

Watching catfish, made and ate some special fried rice and having some sparkling wine.

Going to stick on a film in a wee bit. My Mum asked me to make her a list of horror films to watch, she specifically requested nothing from the Saw franchise, haha!! Which is fair enough.

What to chooooose??


Babadook <3


I’ve got a cut on my tongue but have also got cheese and jalapeño snack mix. It really hurts but it tastes so go.
Gonna have to start calling the crisps daddy if I’m not careful


I love how everyone just ignored that DiS was down for half an hour

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Quite like films with Tom Hanks in tbh.

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Can’t stand the man. He’s made a career out of playing characters you pity in their roles. Every single one. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it


I thought it was just me!

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Did one last covid test before bed, in the hope that it’ll be clear, which would mean a clear test tomorrow = free for the weekend

Positive again :frowning:

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Had a pizza, watched Fargo. 10pm? Time for bed so I can wake up at 7am for no real reason.

Damn it feels good to be prematurely old

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Just bought some candles that @meowington recommended a wee while ago :blush: excited.

What else do people use to make their homes smell nice? Other than cleaning it regularly of course :laughing: TELL ME.

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I always remember Rec (the Spanish version) being the film that scared me the most


Oh gawd, yeah, it still scares me! I remember seeing it at the cinema and not being able to sleep that night because my bf kept on saying the person in the attic was in the corner of the room :laughing: nononono.

FUN FACT, the reason the face looks the way it does is because the man who played the person in the attic had a big beard and didn’t want to shave it off so they had to make his prosthetics fit over the beard

very sleep deprived. got woken up by the plumbers at 8am yesterday so got up at 7:20 this morning to have a shower and a pee and a poo before they arrived and turned the water off again. but still stayed up to 3am because i’m an idiot.

had to go to the public toilets in the park yesterday for a poo and it took 2 trips because somehow other people also poo in the park toilets at 12pm on a weekday in February. who knew.

gas is now installed, have a nice warm house and can put things back where they’re supposed to go as it’s been carnage (can’t be bothered to move everything just yet though)

going to my parents’ tomorrow which means getting up early again, regretting that choice a bit as i would absolutely love a long Saturday lie in. there’s always Sunday.