Friday night isn't it

Still working for another 50 minutes, not sure about these shift patterns.

Also I have carpal tunnel how am I meant to do this until I’m retirement age please

All jobs use wrists don’t they. Can someone think of a wristless profession for me

Carnival Barker

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You’ve got to dynamically hold a cane though, not sure I’m up to it


What’s your toe dexterity like?



I am monkey-like, I pick stuff up with my feet all the time. All of my exes have hated it.

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I often just brush once a day sorry

It Follows, One Cut of the Dead (if she watches it right unlike her daughter)

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Helllooooo, it’s me.

Big Thief was great, though would have liked another pint during

Getting a lift home and there’s crisps and cookies and there’s friends are organised, you love to see it

Might cocktail when I’m home and watch YouTube or one of the Attenborough eps before bed


Neil Young, I’ve come home

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How was the food, looks amazing. As you do of course.

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Holy shit never realized this, he might be dead to me now.

Even Hooch took pity on him. Christ.

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Ban request

Killer Clowns From Outer Space
Toxic Avenger
Silent Night, Deadly Night
Town That Dreaded Sundown
The Others

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So good. So nice to go out and laugh til we cried too.

And stop, you x

Beautiful Tiltalino! :heart_eyes:

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Howdy :cowboy_hat_face: