Friday night isn't it

Don’t worry I’ll tap my own sign.

Fao @Gnometorious I had this for breakfast.

Tell me about your Friday nights.


Going to a gig, please see the day thread for my complaint about early doors.



Dark outside pal think that counts as night

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Going to see Godflesh tonight and the support, who I really want to see are on at 19:30.

My mum and dad are on their way over with fish n chips so that’s nice. Gonna drink 2l of our new cask stout and then hit the cans.


Two litres funky?! Actually it’s only four pints isn’t it.

Sounds a lot when you syy litres.

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Have spent the afternoon catching up on washing that I’ve neglected to do for about two weeks so finishing that off now.

Whacked tbe dehumidifier on.

Had an edible.

Yeah it’s only a growler-full!

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Wife away out so I’ll be escorting a couple of small people into bed and then I’ll either vidya or watch a film or something.

Just had this scran.


I can’t find what time the bands are on, hope it’s not one of those “early doors because we want you to spend loads of money on beers” affairs

Deliveroo gave me £3:50 so I’ve fallen for it and ordered something

Found a Chinese bbq place I’ve not seen before - does stuff like chicken feet . Anyway I’ve gone for roasted duck noodles and ribs

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Something something puerile lol growler


Not even had a shower today yet, hopefully I’ll pull myself together at some point

Just saw a like retraction in real time. Gutting (I didn’t see who it was, don’t worry)

Yeah yeah you and everyone else. I didn’t name it you know!

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I swear the Tidal algorithm is the pinnacle of tech

I was just listening to the Revolver Deluxe reissue & then it played me this

Followed by this

amazing stuff


Losing my mind with work a wee bit, drew a wee sausage tho




Either going down to the street food place in Longbridge “town centre” (it’s a shit retail park), going to Not-local Indian or ordering from Local Indian.

Given the option of leaving the house or not leaving the house, it’s invariably going to end up being the latter.

Probably have a beer and/or some rum.