Friday night isn't it

That kind of ham on a pizza

Alicia Silverstone Flirting GIF


I’ve had 2 showers today (they don’t call me ol’ two showers for nothing). One routine one this morning and a follow up this evening after having my hair cut at lunch. I’m convinced any gents hair cut costing over £15 should include a hair wash as standard and it’s a hill i’m willing to die on. As for this evening? Well, i’m hoping to speak to an all-time dawg over zoom shortly who now lives in the states before cooking dinner. I’ll then be attempting to watch tv over our insanely shitty wifi before hopefully getting a good night’s kip.

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Really like this.


Think on balance i prefer the cubes but this stuff is banging too.

Just had a shower. Feel so much better now!

Might not move from this spot until sun up


Thinking of asking my brother in law for some money back for the absolute bodge job of a bathroom. Shower leaks now, amongst loads of other bodges.

Anyone else id be suing I think.

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Having such a cute chat with some students who did a project based on my tour and now I’m using their project to inform an article I’m writing. It’s so lovely :smiling_face:

Going to be the ultimate saddo and spend the night doing more research/writing then go to bed as early as possible.

Flat is a state, not got any clean dishes and I can’t face another boring beige dinner so might just have a cup of tea.


Just having a pre-going out chai whilst i ley my phone charge up a bit

Oooo pre night out chai, this is a whole new level of chai drinking and I salute you

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It’s not unreasonable for him to pay for repairs to things he should have got right in the first place

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Change of plan. Fish fingers and chips for tea.

Right - I’m off to the pub any minute for a pint before going to see Saint Etienne tonight. I should be able to blag my way into the afterparty too

Bought extra oat milk as gf is staying til tuesday next week so feel like i have milk to burn (currently)


Just gave two nice replies in a row. Satisfying.

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Only one bit of booze tonight


(sorry for boring you all with this but I don’t have anyone in real life to bore with it :sweat_smile: )


Can you blag me in too even if I’m not going to the gig? :grinning:

Thinly veiled hi :joy:


I’ve been working on my final project for my apprenticeship. Spent 2 weeks getting all my data together. Had a go at building my predictive model yesterday and it was shit. Tried a different approach today - still shit. SIGH