Friday night multi-poll bonanza thread

As usual, a few things that are on my mind…

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Would you say that within a walkable distance of your home there are…

  • Not enough chemists
  • About the right amount of chemists
  • Too many chemists

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I ask because there must be twelve within a square mile of us.

How much do you spend on taxis per month on average?

  • £50-£100
  • £101-£150
  • £151-£200
  • Over £200

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When there’s milk left in the bowl after eating cereal…

  • I’m incredibly insecure so pretend online that i don’t eat sweet food
  • Slurp it - it’s fine
  • Just chuck it away
  • Save it - i’m a sociopath

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I think you might have missed out a few key options on this taxi one


Your current living arrangements…

  • Live alone
  • Live with parent(s)
  • Live with other half and/or our kids
  • Live with other housemates

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Not thought about this before, but now you mention it there are two within a few hundred metres of each other on the shopping street near me, plus others nearby in the area. Odd.

Best ‘Friends’ character…

  • Ross
  • Chandler
  • Joey
  • Phoebe
  • Rachel
  • Monica

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mostly £0. the occasional tenner if i go back to my mum’s house in the country and need to get a taxi back from the pub

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I think a lot of them might be fronts for organised crime. They open right opposite already barely-used chemists. It’s weird. TWELVE, ffs.

Again, missed out a key option:

‘Ensure there is no milk left at the end’

The real taxi poll. How much do you spend on taxis per month on average:

  • 0-£20
  • £20-£50
  • I’m a Tory

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That’s a taxi poll for virgins, FOR SURE!

Live with my daughter, no other half.

He’s terrible at polls, isn’t he???

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Missed out gunther from the friends poll too

I think it should be separated out, for spreadsheet reasons

*and/our our kids

But Mancunian, mate

Have you had a bad day, pal? I’m sensing TENSION.