Friday night, oioi etc...

Alright? Not done much today really, weird not working on a Friday. Took my wife for her second armful of AZ though so that’s good. Got some cajun chicken for tea and maybe an early night seeing as it’s back to work tomorrow. YOU?!?

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Are you having pizza tonight?

  • Pizza
  • Something else (details)

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I’m about to start work on a prawn curry.

Also, good evening.



Oi Oi, who’s ready to party?! Not I, I am very tired and have work to do. Oi oi


Gonna cook up a lovely delicious bowl of details, imo.


finished work at half eleven and was so hyped but ive just sat about drinking tea and now its the evenng.

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Evening all

Gonna drink some beers in my folks garden with two ATDs I haven’t seen in months and hope it doesn’t rain

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Jambalaya for me. Burnt my tongue on it because I couldn’t wait for it to cool down. As is tradition.



Had the big announcement today that my city is re-opening cafés/restaurants/bars and cinemas/museums/etc amongst orher things next week! Obviously still with a lot of restrictions in place but it’s still making me real emotional that I’ll be able to hang out in some of my favourite spots again, after all this time :sob::heart: Also everyone here who’s 18+ should get the vaccine by mid-July!!


Had pizza for lunch. Tonight will see the return of the famously fancy veggie thali.

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Tell me more.

Have so far convinced my girlfriend that it’s too miserable to go food shopping tonight, next step is to convince her that we should just get pizza delivered as we have no food in…


Something else…Lasagne (Morrisons The Best…feeling fancy) and garlic bread. I had pizza last night!

I’m going to get drunk and listen to the Blessed Madonna’s show from last week, LOUD, because that’s what I do now.

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Think we’re gonna boil up some details, stir through some details, maybe have that with a side of details and some grated details and perhaps some details to garnish.


I hope you get detail poisoning.

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I’m the only pizzarer? Blimey.