Friday night, oioi etc...

Me too.

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I’m in

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I had too much thai takeaway and now I feel sick

Supermarket curry ready meal for us. Not bad, but not amazing.

In a bit I’ll be giving my other half a lift to the pub then who knows what for the rest of the evening

Good evening folks

Going for a walk after this coffee, probably just to get beers but I’ve not left the house in two days now so I feel it is time.

I had the day off, spent it all making stuff in Ableton that I think is actually very very shit.

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Just ordered in a massive burrito dinner :sunglasses:


Wish I could take credit for this but it was excellent.


Whoever folded it did a terrible job

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It wasn’t much better after I tried to roll it if I’m honest.

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Off to York, Scarborough and Yarm this weekend, looking forward to seeing old friends for the first time since September and the furthest I’ve travelled since September! Apart from the weather and Ashley Barnes going from hero to zero, feeling pretty, pretty good.


what a great name for a place

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I’m voluntarily watching a Tory eat oysters on tv

That’s going to be a difficult wank


One of my work colleagues has organised a blues band to play live from America on our Friday drinks Zoom. Significant noodling is afoot.

Just booked 3 cinema tickets for next weekend, just because I can!


This weather can absolutely FUCK OFF!!!
Off to work #pray4safari

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Reminds me of a quote from my Italian friend:
“I’m eating pizza for lunch, I feel like such a tourist!”


Washing up done
Recycling/food waste done
Burrito done
GnL now

I had flatbread with mozzarella, peppers, tomatoes and halloumi. Voted for pizza as it is v similar @dktrfaustus

Now a lovely wine and some Portillo on the telly.

Seeing Adam Buxton tomorrow - going out out. WOAH