Friday night Okay

At the pub, going to watch one of those stupid movies about a bad clown or whatever


TV is out with the Gals.
Pizza, beer, ice cream, video games, Sport on TV.
Asleep by 8:30 :metal:

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the man?

The legend


The legend!


Never had it, extremely American

I love meatloaf I don’t know why

Currently standing in a corner of an extremely busy London Pub on my own - with a beer even though I said I’d try not drinking beer this month. Ah well. God it’s so loud in here

I made salmon kedgeree. It was good.

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The food is great and really quite versatile.

See also: nutloaf

City limits


Also won’t be on my own all evening - realised that loads of my (sparse) recent posts have sounded a bit miserable - I’m just enjoying a beer in an insanely loud pub and having a nice time while I wait for my girlfriend to turn up :+1:

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gym and not a lot else tonight.

going to a ‘feast’ up in the mountains tomorrow - looked at the menu and everything is listed in kilograms, so I guess that’ll be great. also looking forward to meeting my atd’s girlfriend - he’s never had a girlfriend before and I’m chuffed for him and want to vicariously imbibe his newfound happiness.


i am preparing my skin for the ritual.

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Evening Tilto, evening DiS

I’m at work but I really hope you’re all having lots of fun and lovely lovely times.

Planning to pop to the chippy for dinner, work permitting :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


ever since that honey pizza was posted i’ve wanted to get into Pizza Protocol, but there’s always something I fancy more.


Honey pizza wut

Pre-ordered this earlier. Totally beautiful.

Dunno what’s happening tonight, not sure what’s for tea, there’s no booze, I’m tired and grotty and in severe need of a shower

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Done a pizza for lunch and that’s done me for the day, i suspect. Meant to be going to Milk as a atd is making music happen on the twirlers, but fronkly I’m a bit exhausted, so might just stay in and get fucking smashed.

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