Friday night(s alright for fighting)

Plans? I’m gonna continue to sit on my sofa.


Meeting a pal for a couple of pints.

Really need a wee.

alright? I’m in inverness. about to hit the town and see what’s cracking, try and grab some food somewhere

In pub waiting on mates. Lonely pint. Absolutely rammed in here and there are right loud fuckers. Was hoping to eat here and watch Scotland game but it’s so busy that might be problematic.

Great selection of beers though.

Kubrick @ the Design Museum.


Oh niiiiice!

Off to see IT!

had too much sugar to try to alleviate the hangover earlier, which lead to a big sugar crash and nap and then feeling quite odd.

Will a pint help?

  • Of course it will
  • It will not

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Evening tilty et al.

I’m feeling very warm and fuzzy after having been sedated for a chunk of the afternoon. Plans? To sit her and bask in the warm glow.

Just need to choose a nonsense lightweight movie to have on in the background.

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Where dis?

Kids are out tonight and I’m in, gonna eat pizza and drink beer cos thankfully no one seems to need picking up

Sitting up till midnight on a weekend night not being able to drink is bleak


Evening tilts and the rest of you splendid fuckers.
Gonna lay low tonight. That being said I’m in my wee local place having a beer and en route to my pals flat.

He’s just phoned me, we’re meeting for ramen. :+1:


Ooooh lovely! Now I want ramen. I do actually have some noodles so could make something akin to this.

I just had a thoroughly underwhelming snack of corn thins with a scrape of philadelphia.

Really cba. Just feel like getting a load of wanker beers in, but the local beer wanker place is 10 miles away. So probs not happening.

Tofu stir fry for tea.


Staying at some caravan park thing on Isle of Wight. In the ‘Entertainment complex’ which is a bit Phoenix Nights. The bingo is on! Still £4.20 for a pint of Guinness

  • Shut it you snob
  • Sounds hideous

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Gonna give the kiddo her bath and milk then see whether I could squeeze in a trip without annoying my wife

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All sounded lovely apart from the 4.20 a guinness that’s obscene

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do it under the guise of doing something useful? anything she needs picking up?

Going to see HTRK tonight

think I’ve been waiting about 5 years to see them


Don’t think so :frowning: