Friday night(s alright for fighting)


I know, if you’re gonna be like Phoenix nights, charge me £2.50 or something


that’s it isn’t it, it’s incongruous

needs to be own brand cola from plastic cups kinda vibe

Work night 2/3 commences in 1.5hrs

Hopefully no blood involved tonight

Also @rich-t sorry I just can’t get on with Jen Cloher

Hi tilty and everyone

I’m going out later, so trying not to slump too heavily on the sofa in case I get all cba about going out. Think I’ll do some tidying up.

I should really got out but I’ve got a head like a hundred distressed bees and I just want to laze around.
Really fancy a noodle soup so will likely go ahead and make one

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hi tilty

I am currently at my desk, maybe will make a move to my sofa later. I’m looking forward to it

sidebar: everytime I see your avatar in the smallest version I think it’s a picture of donald trump, but it turns out it looks nothing like him really when I look again

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Off to Wales v Azerbaijan. Supposed to be meeting a mate after who I’ve heard from third parties is after a big night out tonight. Not sure I can be mithered with that, selfishly.

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nada. probably gonna go for a stroll and feed a stray cat i’ve befriended and then go to the gym. wild.

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Just had work for tomorrow cancelled, should be happy but could really really do with the $$$.

had two days cancelled earlier this week too, cant catch a break atm

other than that im catsitting, probably eat a supermarket pizza and feel sorry for myself unless those pesky kittens cheer me up


Watching Dark Crystal but it’s wank so I’ll probably just play SNES games instead.



fish n chips

beer maybe


have you ever tried Roses fnc on East dulwich rd?

Texting moth names to a cute boy.

It’s not working.

Eating paella and got lemon tart for when Jnr goes to bed. One of my new bedside tables arrived. One. Why would they not be sent together?

Hi tilters, all. Not much going on tonight really, which is nice. Cooking up some chopped up frying steaks with mushrooms, green beans, and pepper sauce to chuck on top of some chips. Probably carry on watching The Crown. Might have a gin.



this cat is so fucking thin though man :frowning: trying to slowly fatten it up