Friday Nightโ€™s Alright for ๐Ÿ• ๐Ÿ• ๐Ÿ•

Evening! Had a good day? Exciting plans for the weekend? Exciting dinner plans for tonight?

I had an average day and I have no idea what to eatโ€ฆpizza?



:pizza: :beers:




Possibly going penoiding in the morning and afternoon. Definitely filling my pal full of pasta in the evening as heโ€™s running a half marathon on Sunday.

No, the opposite. Canโ€™t risk pizza due to the above so itโ€™s beige dinner night.


Alright gang? Had all my wisdom teeth out on Tuesday and just about getting use of my mouth back, so gonna treat myself to a dominos meal deal for two and eat it all in bed with re-runs of Taskmaster I reckon.


never h


Upstairs neighbour is blasting his shit tunes, watching masterchef. Back to normal then.


Took me a minute to spot the plate under there and thought youโ€™d gone fully degenerate in your time away.


Kinda upsetting that thereโ€™s not a yolk on each quarter

Going to feed him a load of my special bechamel sauce too, if you know what I mean :wink:

I am making a dairy free lasagna

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Iโ€™d be much more upset by a four egg pizza, personally.


in answer to @laelfy

It was fine
Nopeโ€ฆreport writing mainly
Making a curry. So far looks not so great tbqfh

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Slice w/ the egg on. When would YOU eat it?

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Had pizza yesterday, so pasta today. The two most important food groups!

Currently just watching Vikings, having run out of GoT episodes to re-watch. Need to try for an early night, have a film screening in town tomorrow.


Day was okay thanks, though it was quite a job getting through til hometime thanks to crushing tiredness

This weekend might be a bit busy. Itโ€™s World Book Day next week, which means I need to make costumes for the girls tomorrow. Might get to go to the football if I have time. Might also try to go for a walk somewhere.

Tonight Iโ€™m making Thai chicken noodle one-pot and probably going to sleep quite early. :partying_face:

Gonna eat some ramen now. Want to go out but I donโ€™t think itโ€™s happening because nearly no one I know works on a mon-fri basis

Evening laelfs and etc. Day was fine. Going for dinner with @unlucky in a bit then going to see Kathryn Joseph. :+1:

Nothing else planned for the weekend.


I might get a third part time job. Also I canโ€™t stop thinking bout Theo and his new glasses and how good he looks in them.


Iโ€™m off out to play some boardgames tonight. Kind of excited about it actually


Trying to stay up til at least 8 but can feel my head getting heavy already

Spent the day on a wanky management course. Was kind of fun. The trainer totally fell in love with one of the other attendees (I heard her saying, โ€œsoooo, does your partner like your beardโ€? as I was leaving :joy:)

Now itโ€™s drinking beer, making curry and watching Schittโ€™s Creek (which is absolutely excellent)

@cutthelights are you in Edinburgh with Unlucky? Where you going for dinner?

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