Friday Night’s Alright

Alright? Got my car back from the garage and it ‘only’ cost £225 so I’m taking that as a victory. Now sitting in a Wetherspoons waiting for the M6 traffic to die before heading home. Had a burger, it was ok.

What are you eating? How hot are you? What are you doing tonight?

How hot are you?

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£225 for a pair of discs and pads plus labour is about as good as it gets. Naturally you owe it to yourself to spend the other £475 that you thought you were gonna have to shell out on something utterly frivolous.


It’s weird isn’t it, I feel like I’ve got really lucky instead of down about spending £225.

I spent £250 on an oil change recently so…

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Hey @laelfy

I’ve got pizza for tea- cheese and tomato, but I’ve added some NDuJa to spice it up

Watching the Handmaid’s tale, gonna watch some Atlanta later. Got some beers too. And some chocs

Oh and love island later, packed evening


Sounds like a good un

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just had a kind of curry thing

I’m pretty damn hot (WHEY!)

Tonight I’m going to check my bank balance maybe go for a walk if it cools down outside

I’m warm but there’s a lovely breeze coming through the window.

Was meant to be meeting the old men I play football with for drinks and BraBel but The Child is suffering with her teeth and it isn’t fair to leave Wor Lass.

Main dealer prices :+1:

I went to a back street shack pretty much.

:smiley: that place is only around the corner from me (and assorted other disers)

Is this the big seven courser? Enjoy!

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oh fuck there’s more football!

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Going to somewhere called Big21. Not sure what kind of food it is, but TripAdvisor says it’s good so we’ll go with that.

More humid than hot today. I’ve got the hotel room aircon set to “nipples could cut glass”, though, so managing fine.

Did some of the most terrifying driving of my (short) (driving) life earlier, so I’m getting on the wine tonight.

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They couldn’t fit me in in the end, I went to Wellington garage behind Withington Library.

Booooo. At least you’ve got it sorted. Long drive home?

Bout two and a half hours now the traffic has settled.

Oooft Godspeed