Friday Night’s Alright

Evening @laelfy et al.

Just eaten a Lebanese flat bread thing. It was very spicy. I am now all about the sweat.

Quiet night catching up on The Bridge this evening, before a big (child free) wedding piss up tomorrow.

That don’t sound too bad all in laelfs!

Wah my pink Gazelles arrived :blush:


just ate some naan bread that I didn’t realise had quite a few spots of mould on it. not long for this world

these are cool shoes!


It’s cloudy today and we’d driven up above the cloud line, so can’t really see anything. Then it starts chucking it down. Then we get to the descent, which is steep enough that the car’s accelerating to 60 km/h even in second gear, and I don’t want to brake sharply because the road surface looks shit.

Then the gf says, in her “I’m doing a calm voice now” voice: “ok, so there are three back to back hairpin bends coming up…”

are you having cheese as a topping on your bolognese?

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Thanks bammers! They’re gonna look good with black skinny jeans once the weather permits such a garment be worn.

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reckon they’d be cool with anything.

If I had cool shoes I’d just wear them all the time

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I’m not sure if our favourite Lebanese restaurant will deliver to my new house. Is it too late to move back?

Just go and squat in the old place (or camp in the garden) whenever you get the urge for a Lebanese.

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These top dudes are 5 seconds from my front door. I love living in the country. Yes officer, i have had a couple of ales.

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Look where I got taken


Back from holiday :cry:
Going to meet a baby tomorrow. I’m really bad at babies and hope nobody suggests i hold it

I think I have to use main dealers to keep my warranty intact or something

Got some wanker beers in Falmouth yesterday. Tasty. Last evening here. Had a great week. North Devon and Kernow are still amazing.

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In one of my first seminars on child language development, the professor said: “People talk to pets the same way they talk to children.” I could have punched the air – realised that it wasn’t just me who did that…

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Went to Bread Meets Bread for dinner tonight, had the vegan fried chicken burger with kimchi fries. YUM.

Now watching the football before Love Island. Gonna crack some red wine in a bit. Happy days!

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Christ, I feel your pain. I don’t hold babies. All my friends are having babies at the moment.

If they ask if i want to hold it is it rude to say no?

I’m not sure. I say no and explain that it’s nothing personal but I just don’t trust myself not to damage it, and that I’ll be happy to bounce it on my knee once it’s a little more robust.

I am quite a rude person though so…not sure?

Edit: I’m telling the truth when I say that I’m scared of damaging it