Friday Night: the thread

Woss goin on ppl

Food? Beer? Goin oot?

hi eric, I am still at work eating dry granola out of the box

Gonna play rocket league for hours

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Yes, but donno what yet

No, baby taxi duties may be required, and I really fancy a beer


Evening :wave:

R will be home imminently. Already had tea and I’m going to shock you all here: it wasn’t pizza. Going for lunch to see some family tomorrow and that will be at pizza express, so it was decided there would be no SFPP this week :cry:


I was supposed to be off today, but that turned into a half day, to actually working all day. So stressed at work lately.

Might go and do some gardening.

Tomorrow I’m going on a Brewery experience day, which should be fun, but at the moment I can’t be arsed.

Goin’ out, dunno where. TV’s in charge of directions.

Evening Eric, all. Had a good day. Job interview at a new giant farm shop/cafe/garden centre/shop that’s opening near where we’re moving to. Interview included them asking if I’d be interested in managing their other site (too far, no car yet), talking a lot about how their management pay is really high, and basically implying they’d want me to run the farm shop/fancy booze section. Hadn’t actually applied for a management job. Very hopeful indeed. Hope @jazzballet had similarly good luck too? Burgers for tea, might go and buy some beers.


But today and tomorrow are two separate days? Surely that makes pizza fine for both?

Got some cans from M&S

Tv said she wants a kebab tonight.

Oh, just got the results of our bloodtest for abnormalities. All negative. Starting to relax and getting really excited. Expecting a baby, mates :baby:t2:


Last night at home before heading back south. Evening will probably involve watching whatever crap soaps my mum is watching. Stupidly I am coming back up next weekend which I hadn’t really thought through properly. Also annoyed that I’m missing Eurovision tomorrow night because I’m going out. :frowning_with_open_mouth:

Off to watch some guy play guitar at the conservatoire

Hello :wave: went to buy a couple beers, bought six instead. The bf is going out and sadly I have no plans except the six beers.


which guy is playing the guitar now?

Do you have your bib ready?

Sounds like a pretty good plan to me.

Just got a call from a client (already scary as no one ever calls me) asking where this work is that I was supposed to deliver at lunchtime. Turns out I was assigned a job but never got an email about it, think their email system is on the fritz. Anyway now I’m working this weekend.

Off to yoga in a bit, hope it will make today a bit better.

Bought a fruit beer

  • Yes, please
  • Not for me, Clive

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one of my housemates coursemates i think

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