Friday Night: the thread

6’6/7 and pretty wide, I wish I could fit in a bath, let alone enjoy one. Enjoy your baths people, just spare a thought for us oversized.

Where’s the ‘shave your head first and then have a nice lie down knowing you’ll have to have a quick shower afterwards to get rid of all the hair’ option?

I’ll tell him if you like?


sorry FL. you must have the patience of a saint, i prolly woulda gone nuclear by now.



or choc fudge cake / brownies if available

Uploading… No pickled onion space raiders. Beef only. #prayforshiny

DR. EX: hello

ROSCOE: do one ya auld bollock

MARLON: ay up pal

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That guy really sounds like an absolute turd tbh. I’m really sorry you have to deal with him. Having to deal with one actual child should be enough.


Are all these people having baths tonight, or just expressing a general approval for them? I misread the poll at first.

:hugs: sending you all of the hugs. I’m so sorry, he sounds awful :confused: it must be so hard. You are wonderful! :heart:


I don’t even have immediate access to a bath, but I’m an advocate for their continued existence

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Oh man I miss stoned baths. I could have happily moved into the bath after a few joints back in the day.


oh no… that would be unthinkable. bath night would be a lie!!

Could you tell him to fuck off or would that make things worse?

@anon19035908, @ericVI, @manches, @colossalhorse, @Witches, @meowington and @everyoneelse you guys are all wonderful thank you x


6’7?!? Now with colon more or less gone, I think you’ve got the tallest disser title.

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It would definitely make things worse, sadly :frowning:

I always used to feel as though i was gonna pass out when I did that

I just really like telling people who need to fuck off to fuck off.

Nah, he sounds like a proper nipple, and you don’t deserve that behaviour

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average bath time

  • <10min
  • 10-20min
  • 20-30min
  • 30-40min
  • 40+min

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