Friday Night: The Threadening

What you up to tonight?

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Having hotdogs and chips for tea, feel about 8. Well up for it though. Bit more packing, bit o’ masterchef. That’s about it I guess.

Other: at work, no booze combo

Will get in around 10. Having some soup for tea. That’s my evening in a nutshell

Hi ezzer, hope the packing’s going ok. Saw your picture of boxes earlier and audibly winced, horrible business isn’t it, good luck!

Having leftover turkey cuzzer (with extra chillies in mine) and some Bombay aloo and a veg samosa and some brown rice. Got some cazza eclairs for pud.

Was gonna pop along to the PV march tomorrow but the tv is getting a bit ill now and don’t really want to drag her back out to HoP and her weekend.

Work @9
Coffee now

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Doubleespresso machiato going down tho
I sit on a throne of coffee lies

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Reesey’s going nuclear tonight lads!!!


Getting chumbawumba’d


Also joining the children’s dinner club - unchicken nuggets and potato wedges for me.

Horror movie, chocolate stout, bed.

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in, and current mood -

feeling like an absolute rotter the past few days. need to get out tomorrow and do something.

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I’ll level with you, I’m not really sure what the night has in store for us. Got @j0hn visiting, so things could get rowdy, or we might all behave ourselves, who knows?

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I’m going to have to amend as appropriate, but already had wine and liqueur.

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Watching anything good tonight, inners?

Finished my Game of Dragontits rewatch the other day, so no.

Been out for a leaving do, but home already.
Lazarus pug is back home after a few days of IV fluids and vet monitoring. Somebody needs to tell her sister to look more cheerful about the happy homecoming.


help me get dressed:

What are you wearing above the ankles?

Those bottom ones Hummels? I had a great pair of them once