Friday night thread feat. selfies


Yeah yeah it’s early.

I have crossed the thames and am now in… south… london… :grimacing:

30 mins til :beers:



hey handsome :wink:


God it going to be quiet in here tonight, isn’t it?

I’m still working because I’ve fannied about on here too much today.

Going to eat at least four different types of cheese tonight, and drink at least one wine.


Hey :blush:

I’ll try to keep a running commentary going


Chinese takeaway and Carcassonne for me and the tv I think


what’s going on tonight?

christmas lights?


profk’s leaving drinks.

Gonna need to see some selfies, people!!!




So. So. Tired.


have a good time! (take some pictures if you can plz!)

@profk, you’re bringing this show out to the provinces, yeah? when’s the manchester leg of the farewell tour?


Youve posted this one before!


Was supposed to be having sexx this evening but I fucked myself up slipping over when getting out the shower and now I can’t really do any energetic activities. Probably broken my foot. Love life 2k17



Can’t believe I’m missing @profk’s drinks, and I’m in Stoke.


At work


You sexy mofo






Ouch. Slipping in the shower is one of my greatest fears. Top 20. Easily.


soundtrack to your arrival across the thames


Smashed my ribs on the bit that juts out to keep the water in, smashed my elbow on something, don’t even know why I did to my foot. Was alone in the house but was basically just shouting fuck repeatedly for a good 5 minutes.