Friday Night Thread For Friday Night

Alright then? Had a fucking long, stressful day but that’s over now and I’ve got ham, egg and chips for tea plus some Zubr as an accompaniment. What the fuck are you doing?


zelda, pizza and a few beers probably :man_shrugging: oh and i need to watch a show called ‘nailed it’ for research for work. any good?


Nailed it!

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Beer, cheese, football.

Wtf is zubr?


It’s a baking thing where people fuck up or something?

never seen it

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Hello funks and other friends,

No plans really. Emailed my tutor about other reading materials and she was like “all the links are included within your course materials” and like yeah, sweet, thank you, that’s obviously good, but excuuuuuuse me for trying to go above and beyond so I get more than a pass this time. Just a crumb of a book recommendation, that’s all I ask :pleading_face:

Might watch the Mr Rogers documentary tonight. Or the film adaptation with Tom Hanks.

It’s fine. Fairly enjoyable nonsense.

Fun to shout NAILED IT all the time though.


Hi M_w_t! Nice to see you around the place again.

Zubr is a Polish lager with a bison on the can, got it in today at work and wanted to give it a try.


Hmmm hi. Having an internal conflict about taking voluntary redundancy or not.

Apart from that, appropriation of Spanish frittata for tea and beer. Off the weekend.


oh yeah, you’re right

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Gonna meet some friends I haven’t seen since before lockdown :grinning::+1:
We’re gonna get a bunch of drinks and pizza and sit in the garden in the sun. :relaxed::beer::pizza:


Hey up FUNKO!

Got a bean burger, chips and salad for dinner.

Then it’s snooks and wine.


After being the social butterfly and organising drinks for my work crew I’m now hidinf in the bathroom mouth burning thanks to too many buffalo wings.

On the verge of popping home too.

How on earth do you describe an introverted extrovert?

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Wor Lass’s favourite thing on Netflix.

Bake Off but everyone knows they’re shit at baking.


Going to carry on setting up my new Linux installation :nerd_face:

Might start doing some Python tutorials so I can try to automate myself out of a job :nerd_face:

If I get bored of that (likely) I’ll maybe play some Hearthstone :nerd_face:

If/when I get frustrated with that, a new patch came out for my favourite MMO this week so I’ve got that to explore :nerd_face:


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Ambivert is the technical term, but I’d say “sober”

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That sounds incredible tbf

Also I’ve ordered the I am a bat book you posted about, under the pretence it’s a gift for a friend’s child but will be reading it first :grin:

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That looks one heck of a beer my good man :slight_smile:

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:slight_smile: had a nice lunch and most of the stuff is in my room now, kitchen stuff is packed for the most part too!

:frowning: My dad felt he had to make a comment about how if I lost weight I would “find a man” and “that would probably solve most of [my] mental health problems”. He said it in such a smiley nice way as well. I assume it’s because he knew my mum was ‘the one’ when they went on dates and he didn’t vomit from his crippling anxiety but seriously??? I wish he’d keep his thoughts on my singledom to himself, he keeps making them in the last year or so and I hate it an unearthly amount