Friday Night Thread (including dinner chat)

Yeah, it’s early, and I’d like to be clear that this isn’t meant to be the Friday night thread (although what happens after 6pm is out of my hands). But I’m thinking about dinner already. I had a plan to go and eat at Fatto a Mano but it’s raining cats and dogs out. So time for a poll:

  • Go out anyway, a bit of rain never hurt anyway, and it should be easier to get a seat
  • Order a pizza in (although Fatto a Mano don’t deliver, so anything would be a compromise).
  • Don’t order a pizza - you’d have to order extras to make it worthwhile anyway
  • Order in, but don’t get pizza
  • Other (please specify)

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there’s a bit of debate going on in Case Del Gnome.
We’ve got eggs that need using (pasta thread fans will already be aware of this) so I suggested we do a carbonara type thing and I just remembered we have half a leek so we’re going to saute that up with some garlic and butter too. Avery looked dubious when I first mentioned leeks. He googled it to make sure there was a precedent for leeky carbonara. He found a recipe that only uses 1 egg. Oh dear he said, that’ll only use up one of our eggs. Time for a poll!

  • Use all 5 eggs in your pasta dish for 2
  • Use 1 egg and boil the other 4 and take them on holiday with you
  • Use 2 or 3 eggs and take the other eggs on holiday (this is the compromisey option. Compromising is an annoying but necessary feature of any successful relationship)

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god, the sweet, sweet revenge I will have on Sunday. treat day is going out for a slap up 6 course meal.

I will feast on your bones.


When do you go on holiday? Can you not just have scrambled eggs on toast tomorrow morning?

I voted go out but only because I think you want to.
If you feel like staying in the warm and cosy, get the youtube fire on the telly and order in.

We’re leaving at 2.30am :yawning_face:

Can you not have omelette instead of pasta?

Skip the pasta and have eggs on toast

NO! I want pasta.

My first suggestion was an omelette but Lord Carbington over here turned his nose up. Also I have been thinking about pasta all afternoon and now I have a furious craving.

Just bin the eggs then

Or make some brownies

egg some tories on your way to the airport.


:astonished: I’m not going to throw away perfectly good eggs!
Not got any dark chcoolate in to make brownies and I cba eaving the house again today, otherwise brownies would have been an excellent idea.
Totally drained.
I need a holiday.

you’d seriously have us eating an egg soup?

they aren’t old enough to waste on tories.


oh love a delicious bowl of egg soup :+1:


Dunno what dinner’s going to be, but I am stewing some fruit for a crumble

which fruits?

Plums and apples, getting rid of stuff that’s going to go over before I can eat it all

Wish I had some blackberries, but alas

very nice.

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I’m already very excited about it

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