Friday Night Thread - the vast majority of the posters in this thread are petty thieves

interpret this however you wish.

i’m staying late at this job so i never have to come back here ever again. ordered dominos again (sigh) but at least had a discount code this time.

what are YOU doing, m8?

Sat in the office, trying to get a load of drawings out.

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Please, talk more about your domino’s order.

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Sat in a pub in shirley or near by listening to the pendulums. It’s like you can take the boy out of Reading but you can’t take the pendulum out of the boy

What’s so terrible about this job?

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Going to a gig and having a few drinks. Bracing myself for a forty minute walk in the cold to get there!

So long as I don’t have to watch the England Scotland game. Anything but that!

hi everyone!

Pizza or losing weight?

Come now eric, I’m a seasoned pizza eater, I even accidentally bought a Domino’s on sunday evening after our baby sitting duties overran.

So, after having to explain myself, are you now willing to divulge more details on your order? Toppings? Base? Sides?

Pizza as part of a slightly unbalanced diet.

just been a total clusterfuck and other people’s failings have fallen squarely on my shoulders and have made me look like a total mug. not enough time to do anything to an acceptable standard, 3 hour commute each day, just… fuuuuuuuck

@Avery nah just got a roma, only veggie option and couldn’t be arsed to make my own

why not both bud? I mean, you can run a pizza off, no sweat

well, some sweat, but you know what I mean

Italian base on that?

mate i don’t know

Do me a favour and check, yeah?

nah breh

That’s disappointing. I’m disappointed now. I wouldn’t say I think less of you for this response, but I think you could perhaps consider how you’ve disappointed me while you tuck into at least one and preferably two of your slices.


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Well I’ve been for a run this evening but a filthy dominos will more than undo that