Friday night thread

how are we all doing? anyone else feeling very fragile?

I have had a shave.

Worried it was a bad idea



Drinking a bunch of booze wi a bunch of pals. Off to see rogue 1 later.

you can always grow your beard back in again x


hope you enjoy the warring. there is a lot of warring.

i saw it in imax and was too close to the screen. cinema staff came out to do a disclaimer at the start because they’d had a load of people leaving and/or complaining of motion sickness.

If you were looking at an airbnb in Amsterdam and it said this, what would you think?


  • Pub
  • Everton v Hull
  • Crap telly
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Other

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I just Wanna see Donnie yen beat people up

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Watching the darts. Not drinking from now on as Christmas excess had been too much, feels really odd to not have wine on the go at this point in the evening though.

Very fragile here. Will be going for the cure before the gig.

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Feeling fragile as fuck, m8.

Hiding from life in the spare room with a book, and I’m not coming out.

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watching old re-runs of bake off. feels like a new low.

Arrrrgh chili in my eye chili in my eye chili in my eye

On the plus side, following the tattoo parlour across the road on Instagram has finally paid off:

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Massive pizza with the TV and her sister. Watching shit tv and drinking beer. Have a dog staying which is dead fun.